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    Crashes when publishing - Tableau should point out errors!


      So I've spent an evening trying to get dashboards to publish and Tableau just repeatedly crashes - different reasons each time.

      Now, I get that certain changes can cause errors, but why doesn't Tableau run some checks before absorbing every ounce of RAM and crashing. It has been a long process trying to work out where the errors are - invalid calcs caused when I updated data sources with extracts it seems. With hidden pages, it's very hard to find errors


      Tableau - why not have a simple page that shows all of the errors? The red exclamation marks clearly show the software knows where they are

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde



          Sorry to hear you are encountering errors.  Please do not hesitate to open a support ticket at support.tableau.com.   What version of Tableau are you using and what are the steps that are being attempted?  The red exclamation marks are usually an indication of an invalid calculation or field.  Sometimes this is caused by a change to the underlying data.  If you are encountering repeatable errors with a .twbx that can be shared, please upload the file here.


          Thank you



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            Thank you for your reply Patrick

            I'm on Win 7 32-bit. My suspicion is that the crashes mainly stems from Tableau using up all of the RAM - although the documentation in general suggests that Tableau should just process more slowly when out of RAM, rather than crash??


            I'm using C-drive data extracts and Tableau frequently shows 'cannot connect to the data' and related messages. This didn't happen on 10.0 without extracts.

            Searching online for this error message, Tableau refers to issues using over networks, but my data is on the C-drive.


            I'm on 10.0 and then 10.3. I think it was less problematic before I extracted the data - which seems odd as these should be more efficient.



            I have 6mb of extracts in total.
            Step 1 - Tableau takes a good long while when I press 'publish to server', before the options come up to select the views to publish.

            In this time, Tableau balloons up to using 1.5gb memory. All that for 6mb of xls data?? Is Tableau processing everything for speed benefits, but overloading Windows in doing so?

            If I click on several tabs, Tableau can crash, but I think this is less of an issue if I leave it for longer between selecting different views


            It took me a long time to find invalid fields and calculations across the views - with various hidden sheets and a long processing time for each view, this was a painful process. Tableau would not get past Step 1 until I found all of these

            One daft issue is - if you remove a data source, Tableau rightly says this will delete sheets and leave invalid calcs, but it doesn't say which.



            Step 2 - publishing a selection of views.

            This takes 20mins or so and regularly crashes before completing.



            I can't upload any example file unfortunately

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              Patrick Van Der Hyde



              This sounds like a performance issue between the pc specs of your local PC and Tableau.  32 bit limits a lot of what Tableau can do and I'm aware that support for 32 bit is going to be removed shortly in one of the upcoming releases.  In the meantime, you could create a support ticket and have a support engineer look at this with you. 


              Also - I just wanted to verify - does this pc meet these other spec requirments?


              • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor or newer
              • 2 GB memory
              • 1.5 GB minimum free disk space