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    Highlight table help

    Lisa Curran

      I'm fairly new to Tableau Desktop 9.1 and I'm working on a Highlight table but don't understand how I can define colors for specific ranges.


      Green 0 - 25

      Yellow 26 - 40

      Red 41 - 225


      Can anyone assist me in figuring this out?


      Thank you,


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          Hari Ankem

          1. Create a calculated field called Colors with the formula as given below and place it on the Color mark.


          IF AVG([Completion Time (hours)])<=25 THEN "Green"

          ELSEIF AVG([Completion Time (hours)])<=40 THEN "Yellow"

          ELSE "Red"



          You may need to align your labels and size the squares too.


          2. If you don't like the view you get above and want to have something as shown below, then create another calculated field called Dummy and assign a space (" ") to it. Then add this column to both rows and columns, and hide the header.



          The workbook is attached.

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            Mihai Constantinescu

            You can define a calculated field with your measure : IF Measure < 25 the "green" else if < 40 then "yellow" else if < 225 then "red" END and bring that into colour (marks)

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              If you wanted to have gradations of color within the groups,

              you could make the Color Groups as described above,

              make a discrete calculated field of the Avg(Completion Time (hours)),

              and then put both of them on the Color Shelf (using Ctrl+Select).


              Then when editing the colors, you can Shift+Select all the boxes (data items) that

              are labelled "Red", select the Red Gradation Palette, and then click on

              "Assign Palette".


              The auto-generated color legend will be messy, but you could create a simpler

              one and insert it as an image on a dashboard.



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                Hari Ankem

                Question: What will happen when the data changes/refreshed and new discrete values come? What color will they have?