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    Weighted Average (error: cannot mix non-aggregate and aggregate)




      I am having an error when trying to create a calculated for Weighted Average.  The error is it cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate.


      Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 3.37.08 AM.png


      I need to get the Weighted Average per Postal Code, State and for GRAND Total.  For the interval column : AVG(Interval) while to get the Order Volume it's COUNTD(Order ID).  The Weighted Average formula I searched from another post is :

      SUM([Frequency]*[Sample Size])/SUM([Sample Size])   so in my scenario I'm trying this SUM (  AVG(Interval) * COUNTD(OrderID)  )   / COUNTD(OrderID) but the error occurred.  Can you please help me how to fix this?


      See attached workbook.


      Thanks in advance.