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    Roadmap - new release?

    Arnold Slabbekoorn

      Matt, Jonathan, are there any plans for a new release for VizAlerts in the next 3 months, any roadmap plans you could share with the community?

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          Matt Coles

          Hey Arnold. Yes. We just did a hackathon on it last week for some features that the Tableau Foundation wanted for the Visualize No Malaria project, plus a few other features that I'd written in some time ago but hadn't had time to finish and test. I'm working feverishly today to get all the changes baked in, a few bug fixes, documentation updated, etc, because I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks and want to let Toby and Jonathan take a run at a smoke-test while I'm away. The feature list is here. Hopefully we'll be able to release that the first week of August.


          Some of the changes we're making in 2.1.0 will set us up for implementing Allow Advanced Alert author to specify whether emails should be atomic and Capture VizAlerts operational data for analysis / reporting / alerting, so my hope is that we can get those into the next release.

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            Arnold Slabbekoorn

            Awesome. Will take a look at the feature list and looking forward on seeing that in Aug/Sept time frame.

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              Matt Coles

              I had to update the Install Guide with this info anyway, so here's the high level description of the feature set that should make it out (I'll repost this in the official announcement, when that happens):


              Alerts are no longer conditional on "data being present"

              For both Email and SMS Actions, the "Action" flag field on either is now the condition being checked to determine if the action should be executed. This means that you no longer need to rely solely on filters to remove data that should not trigger the alert. Instead, you can build your own criteria in the Email Action and SMS Action flags as a calculation. A value of "1" signals that the action should be executed, whereas a 0 will cause no actions to be executed.

              This is a great feature, because it means your vizzes can continue looking the way they normally do--all the non-alerting data can be kept, which provides visual context for your alerts! No more ugly blank vizzes! You can also move the Email Action field to the Color shelf to make it very clear which marks are triggering the alert, and which are not.

              Smart Defaults

              Another big change is that there are no "required" fields send email, anymore. All fields are optional. Don't want to customize the Subject? Leave "Email Subject" off viz entirely, and VizAlerts will automatically generate it. Don't want anything special in the Body? Leave that field off, and you'll automatically get the viz image with a hyperlink. Advanced Alerts are now more flexible than ever. (Note that SMS messages still have required fields)

              Get alerts "when the extract refreshes"

              If you've wanted to run your VizAlerts when the extracts in the workbook they're a part of refresh, you've got your wish. The administrator may now set up two schedules; one for Refresh Success and one for Refresh Failure. Subscribe to either or both of those, and your VizAlert will run when the extract(s) in the workbook refresh.

              Email and SMS processing are now multithreaded within a single VizAlert

              Several folks have brought up that they've got VizAlerts that send hundreds of emails out at once. Previous versions took awhile to do this, because each was running in a single thread. No more. Now, each VizAlert can send as many emails or SMS messages at the same time as the Admin will allow. (Note that content references are still processed one at a time, within a single VizAlert)

              Python no longer required

              With help from another Tableau Dev who was generous with their time, we now have VizAlerts in .exe form, so if you don't want to use Python to run it, you don't need to (but you'll still have the option).

              Use the VizAlertsStarter workbook to build your alerts

              We took a lot of tips and tricks we've learned over the years building VizAlerts and integrated them into a VizAlertsStarter workbook, which replaces the published data source used previously. This workbook contains all the special fields that you'll need to build your alerts, with copious comments and examples in the calcs. It's also been updated to include the new Smart Defaults and conditional action flag features.

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                Matt Coles

                It's about ready--just finishing testing in a few other environments first, and making a few documentation tweaks.

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                  Matt Coles

                  For anyone reading this thread, 2.1.0 is now released.

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                    Arnold Slabbekoorn

                    Thanks we are waiting on 10.4.0 GA release so we can install that on our UAT/Test server and then we will deploy 2.1.0 and make it part of our upgrade coming month to 10.4.1 and vizalerts 2.1.0. Some great new features I see from the demo workbook and release notes.