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    New customer orders vs returning customer orders

    Jagjit Singh

      Hi All,


      I'm new to Tableau.


      I want to calculate the: New customer orders vs returning customer orders.  So i want a PIE, telling me what percentage is new and what percentage is returning customer.


      I got 9 ip adresses. Out of the 9 ip adresses only 5 customers bought something.

      As you can see i got 5 customers that are saying "Aankoop definitief YES'     (Aankoop definitief  means 'Is the product sold?':Yes or No?")

      So only 5 bought something and the other 4 customers just viewed the website and left without buying, so those arent customers but only website viewers.


      And out of the 5 customers, 3 of them are returning because they bought more than 1 product, as you can see they got duplicate Ip_adresses.


      And the other 2 customers with Ip_adress  ''   &   '' are new customers because they only bought 1 product as you can see, and their ipadresses only show-up 1time and arent duplicate.



      (Blue are the customers and white are just viewers that came on the website)





      So can anyone please give me a calculation that says:



      " Every customer that ordered more than 2 products is a, returning customer with 'Yes as 'aankoop definitief' "


      " And every customer that ordered 1 product is a new customer with  'Yes as 'aankoop definitief' "



      Thanks in advance!




      Jagjit Singh