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    Web Data Connector with authentication and header parameter

    Patrick König

      Hello Tableau-Community,


      I want to connect to data behind a REST-API via the web data connector SDK. First of all, im not familiar with javascript at all and only need the connector one time

      to get one single table from my ressource link which contains JSON obejects. The data looks kind of similar to the data in the earthquakeWDC tutorial i absolved.

      The problem is that i need a basic authentication (username and password) and a header parameter (Accept: application/json) to get the data in json format.

      Is it possible to add just a few lines to the sample connector just for the authentication and header parameter without having to program a complete new connector?

      I'm sorry if the question looks kind of dumb but i only found ressources that look too complicated for me as i really don't know much about javascript but i need the connection

      to continue with my school work.