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    Viz Challenge - Customers who bought in last month and this month

    Michael Gao

      Hi Guru,


      I got a viz challenge from customer.


      Customers bought this month also might have bought in previous month, for example:


      201702  customer count: 100, in those 100 there're 39 who also bought in 201701;

      201703 customer count: 123, in those 123 there're 80 who also bought in 201702;

      201704 customer count: 230, in those 230 there're 90 who also boght in 201704.

      and so on......


      Customer need a simple table show in each month, how many customer bought in this month, and in those customers how many customers also bought in previous month.


      To count the customers bought in this month is easy, but how to calculate the number of customers who also bought in previous month?


      Thanks and BR,


      Michael Gao