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    Bar Chart

    Udit Mahajan

      I have a customer table that contains customer ID and the programs that they have watched over a duration of time .


      One customer can watch one or more programs and one of more profiles.

      Example: Customer A watched 2 programs :  Weekday special, weather forecast.

      Customer B watched 3 programs : ABC News, Weekday special, weather forecast.

      Customer C watched 1 program: Weekday special


      ...and similar for the profile field in the table.


      I want to create two summary bar charts which shows Total Customer Count by Profile on one and then Total Customer Count by Program on the other. They should filter each other when you click on each one.


      The fields are: Customer ID, Program 1 Name, Program 2 Name, Program 3 Name, Program 4 Name, Program 5 name, Profile 1, Profile 2, Profile 3, Profile 4.


      I am not sure how to solve this problem in tableau.