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    Filter actions triggering a second filter

    Hannah Chidwick



      I'm a fairly new Tableau user and couldn't find anything which quite solves my problem anywhere on the forums already.


      I'm building a dashboard to give a summary of a charity's event participants, most of which will be figures specific to one particular event name. My filter changes the whole dashboard so the workbooks all reflect the one specific event name (e.g. London Marathon 2017). However I have one workbook which is a year-on-year comparison based on the event group (all event names have an associated group - e.g. all the previous London Marathons together).


      Is it possible through actions to make it so that filtering to one specific event triggers the YOY workbook to filter on the event group that event name is linked to? So if you select that you want to see London Marathon 2017 most of the dashboard changes to show only that one event, but the YOY workbook shows all event names in the event group London Marathon? I'd like to avoid the user having to apply a second filter to update just this one pane of the dashboard, if possible.


      Hopefully that makes sense- I've attached a workbook in Tableau 10.3.


      Many thanks,