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    Synchronizing Axis Across Worksheets (reference line approach attempted)

    Stephen Brehm

      Please find attached a Tableau 10.0 workbook where I attempt to synchronize axis for 3 charts using a reference line (as suggested in other posts). It seems to work for the 1st and 3rd chart, but the chart in the middle it does not work for. I am setting the reference line via a parameter and I am also setting the filter on the data (same filter for all 3 charts) using a parameter but would like to reduce this to just one drop-down (instead of 2 that say the same thing). To replicate what I am seeing, you need to set both drop-downs to the same value:


      • Can you see what I am doing wrong in use of reference line that prevents all three chart axes from being in sync?
      • Is there a way to have just the one Workstream drop-down (instead of 2 like I have now)?