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    Analytics Staffing Model

    Nicole Lohr

      At the June 22 HUG webinar, there was a question about our staffing model.  When we started Tableau, there was myself and data architect.  In one year, we hired a clinical data analyst whose focus is on quality reporting and maintaining our system for meaningful use reporting.  We also hired a BI Developer who is 100% dedicated to Tableau.  Therefore, we are a department of four:  Director, data architect, BI developer, and clinical data analyst.  The CDA spends about 50% of their time in Tableau.  I try to spend at least 40% of my time developing Tableau dashboards.  Our data architect is our server administrator for Tableau and helps us build data sets with Alteryx.  We had basic and advanced training and invited members of the accounting department and human resources department.  Our HR compensation analyst has developed some of her own dashboards in Tableau.  We were approved to hire another BI Developer 100% Tableau this fiscal year.  We are hiring! Thanks,