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    How to create range of max date conditional?

    Lydia Elias

      I am trying to find a way to only show a range of max dates (for example this past month) for the Status dimension, so it only shows the "Closed" status for the type-locations if they have been closed this past month, otherwise it is filtered out. And for those that were closed this past month, any open or pending statuses that have the same type-locations should show up as well. I tried to do this with a condition in the status filter but it does not work, because some open or pending statuses are older than this past month, which is similar to my real data. I have attached a mock up data that is similar to my real dataset. So essentially I only want to show "Closed" statuses from this past month and their corresponding open or pending statuses that match the same type-location, no matter how old those open or pending statuses are. Do I need to create a calculated field for this or parameters? I am a bit new to Tableau. How do I create this type of filter?

      date max.PNG