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    Sparkler 1.04 install issues

    kevin kelley

      I have been stepping through the install guide for sparkler 1.04 and have run into several issues, I would like to reach out to the community for some help.


      Current outstanding issue is on

      Task 4: Install Sparkler

      1. Stop tomacat

      2. Rename sparkler-reference-1.0.0.war in your home directory to sparkler.war (OR ANYTHING ELSE).
      3. Then drag it to c:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps.

      4. restart tomcat and new webapps directory called /sparkler (OR ANYTHING ELSE) appears

      5. Test https://hostname:8443/ and it works

      6. then test https://hostname:8443/sparkler and I GET A 404??


      I am confused why the webapps directory that appears is returning a 404


      I even created a sample /test and tet.html file and it works https://hostname:8443/test/test.html


      Has anyone encountered this issue?

      Is it something with the .war file?