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    Move column field labels to row

    Yijiong Rong



      I would like to create a report that list data vertically, so one entry would be in one column. I dragged fields in Columns, but the field labels are at top. Is it possible to move the field labels to the left, e.g. in the first column, so that they would match with the data entry?





      3/3/15 updates:

      Thanks for all the responses. I apologize for not stating the question clearly.


      When putting fields in Rows, the field labels(N Part Nbr, V Part Name, etc...) are correct.



      However, when I put fields in Columns, the field labels are staying at the first row(see the first figure).(N Part Nbr / V Part Name / V Family Name / V First Name / V Last Name) I would like to have the field labels move to the correct locations.


      My expectation:





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