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    Calculating Top 2 Score of likert scale

    Martin Waschipky

      Hi everybody,


      I am pretty new to tabelau and i have a little question. I created a dashboard with nice likert plots, I followed this nice tutorial: Likert Scale Tableau - YouTube

      As part of the data preperation I transformed the data in R using the gather function, so it was not nessesary to pivot the data in tableau.


      Additionaly I need to calculate in another sheet the Top 2 Score of my Data (see Example)


      Antworten ausformuliertFrageKennzahlwerte
      not importantF2A194
      little importantF2A175
      partially importantF2A116
      very importantF2A13


      So the answer would be: 8+3/196 = 5.6% think it is important/verry important.


      How can I achive this goal?


      Thanks for your help!