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    Counting concurrent appointments per hour with start and end dates

    Adam Powell

      Hello. We have appointments 24 hours a day, and those appointments have a wide range of time duration i.e. some are 5 minutes long, some are many hours long.  I am trying to count how many appointments were concurrently going on in each hour period. So, for the 3pm hour, how many appointments were going on? We have a unique id, start date, end date, and duration in minutes. That should be all the data required to make this work.


      This isn't my image, but this is the sort of thing I am trying to count.



      In the attached workbook, I have a sheet called concurrent schedule. Right now, it is only counting when the appointments start. I want this same viz, but counting the concurrent appointments. I also have a gantt chart of the appointments over time.


      Any and all help would be massively appreciated.