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    XML Sample Connector Thread

    Nicolas Brisoux

      Please post any questions or give any feedback you have for the XML sample web data connector in this thread.

      This connector reads XML documents (from disk, via a URL, or from text that's pasted into a text box) and extracts data from them.

      This sample is included in the official Web Data Connector SDK, You can find out more information about the SDK, including documentation and a tutorial, here.


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          Jerome Poultier

          I understand that having the possibility to connect to XML dataset is better than nothing, but still requires some skills that a data analyst would not have.


          Already today in excel you can directly connect to a web source without having to self develop a web connector, also leveraging the authentication and user access directly in the source


          Is there any feature like that planned for Tableau ?

          If not and if we have to rely on SDK, how would it work with Tableau Server and SSO integration with the source of the XML ?

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            Keith Goodwin

            I am confused as to how to get started.  I have downloaded the SDK kit, attempted to use the XML Connector, and got nothing.  I feel like I have all of the puzzle pieces, but no clue how they go together.


            I am not experienced in XML or API connections, so please forgive me if this seems elementary.


            I have added a connector to this website:  XML Connector


            I receive this screen:



            XML Connector.png

            I enter this as my URL for XML data (trying to connect to Intacct, a financial system):  https://api.intacct.com/ia/xml/xmlgw.phtml

            After that, nothing is loaded, except a bunch of gibberish about Yahoo, which is not the correct information.

            Post Connection.png

            I have not entered my sender ID or password, nor my user ID or password, because I was not prompted.  Where did I go wrong?

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              DJ Petcharamuk

              Doesn't look like intacct.com can communicate with the yahoo web api. I get the same result with my desktop that requires authentication before it can access web services outside of the network.


              Looks like intacct.com has a json api. I've had better luck using the json web data connector on an internal web server, and commenting out the cors.io and yahoo web api and using the straight up jsonp function directly. You can give this a shot. Bold the changes I made:


              // try the straightforward request

              function _basicAjaxRequest1(url, successCallback){
                // _ajaxRequestHelper(url, successCallback, url, _corsioProxyAjaxRequest2);
                _ajaxRequestHelper(url, successCallback, url, _jsonpAjax4); 

              // try to use cors.io as a proxy
              // function _corsioProxyAjaxRequest2(url, successCallback){
              // var corsUrl = "http://cors.io/?u=" + url;
              // _ajaxRequestHelper(url, successCallback, corsUrl, _yqlProxyAjaxRequest3);
              // }

              // try to use yql as a proxy
              // function _yqlProxyAjaxRequest3(url, successCallback){
              // var yqlQueryBase = "http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/public/yql?q=";
              // var query = "select * from html where url='" + url + "'";
              // var restOfQueryString = "&format=json";
              // var yqlUrl = yqlQueryBase + encodeURIComponent(query) + restOfQueryString;
              // var specialSuccessCallback = function(data) {
              // if (data.query.count == 0) {
              // _jsonpAjax4(url, successCallback);
              // } else {
              // successCallback(data);
              // }
              // }
              // _ajaxRequestHelper(url, successCallback, yqlUrl, _jsonpAjax4, specialSuccessCallback);
              // }

              // try jsonP as a final approach?
              function _jsonpAjax4(url, successCallback){
                var xhr = $.ajax({
                url: url + "?callback=?",
                dataType: 'jsonp',
                success: successCallback,
                error: function()
                _giveUpOnUrl9(url, successCallback);

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                Anudeep Marupaka

                Yes, This is actually pretty easy and much simpler than the WDC. It also allows us to refresh the data so it can be used at organizational level where we work with live data.

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                  is there a way to adapt the sample xml connectot to the latest WDC?


                  The json connector is working for me, but I need to do the same in the XML format. There is no documentation for xml (the json one is really good) and when you are not a programmer you are really getting lost.


                  I really don´t know where or how to start

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                    Hi Jens,


                    Could you please provide me with the json ones?

                    Have you found a way to connect xml data??


                    Many thanks.


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                      no I haven´t found a way to do this.

                      I now have created a workaround, As I have a MSSQL Server, I have created a job with visual Studio to pick the Data from the XML website and store it in a Database.


                      There is a good json sample connector. Try this first if this is working for you


                      and here is the thread for it


                      JSON Sample Connector Thread

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                        Vincent PAREZ

                        Hi keith


                        I am looking for a XML Web Data Collector to get datas from a meteo platform.

                        Do you know where I can find the XML Connector you were talking about?

                        The link seems to be broken

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                          Brendan Lee

                          Hey Vincent,

                          The XML Sample connector was a part of our V1 SDK, so it isn't quite as easy to find on the main github and docs site now.  But you can still access it by going here: GitHub - tableau/webdataconnector at v1.1.0


                          We tag each release on GitHub so you can easily navigate to the state of the SDK at a specific release.  Once there you can download that V1 SDK and follow the instructions in the SDK.  The V1 samples will work with Tableau 9.1 and later.



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                            YASIN CAN PARLAK



                            XML Connector does not seem like working, can anybody get it working properly ?


                            Best Regards,