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    How to hide and Show text behind the Donut chart ?

    saran ranga

      Hi I am new to tableau and i am in learning stage, but i got a scenario that i have show Donut chart and Bar chart on a dashboard, and i have to create global filter and that filter should apply on both the charts, and after applying if there is no data then these charts have to show "NO DATA FOUND"


      1)  I created a Donut chart and bar chart Using Category and Sales from superstore excel file.

      2)  Got both of them on Dashboard as Floating

      3)  Now i created a Global Filter on Category which should apply for both of the charts and Filter type is "Multiple values(list)"

      4)  And now i created Two text files by giving "NO DATA FOUND" text, both of them are in floating

      5) Draged  one text file on Donut Chart and Another Text file on Bar chart and by using  'Floating order' "selected Send to Back"

          for both the Text files

      6) Now From global Filter list i unchecked ' ALL ', instead of showing blank it is showing "NO DATA FOUND" For "Bar Chart".

          For  "Donut chart" it is not Showing the "NO DATA FOUND" Text file


           My issue is i want to see NO DATA FOUND Behind the Donut chart Aslo


           Please help! me with this issue, tell me any other ways to achieve it


      I am adding Twdx file in the attachement.