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    See more than 6 months of site traffic to views

    Sam McKnight

      I'm a site admin. On the site status views that show traffic and activity on the site (ex. Traffic to Views), I have never been able to see more than 6 months of history. And if I download the data from the view, I only get 6 months of data. It doesn't seem to matter if I put in 10 years, 1 year, or 7 months month on the Time Range filter, the most I ever see is 6 months of history. For example, today is April 17, 2017. The first history I see for my site is Oct 17, 2016.


      We've had Tableau Server running for almost 4 years now so I know that there has been history. I've looked at these views too and I've never seen longer than 6 months; I've just never bothered before to research it. Is there a server setting or site setting that limits you to only 6 months of history in the built-in views?