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    Reimbursement Data

    Jeannie Mayes

      I'm completely new to Tableau and I've seen a lot of talk about population health and reducing wait times and all kinds of stuff which is great.  I've even seen more accounting type analytics for healthcare like cost per procedure and I/S, B/S, bottom line stuff (stuff I would have used in my previous life).


      But my main focus is reimbursement data.  I'm tasked with reviewing payment data and verifying that we are paid per contract.   I was thinking something like, of 50 payments, 30 were on target, 10 were under target and 10 remain unpaid and being able to drill down from there.  Something that would save me from having to make elaborate Excel spreadsheets with Vlookups to verify all of this data.  Is anyone using Tableau for this type of analytics?


      I'm want to be able to justify the cost of training to my management team.  We've already sent one of my co-workers whose focus is dashboarding performance data to training which was a no brainer for what she's doing.  If we don't know for sure that this is something that Tableau can do, I don't think they will send me since this is really my focus.


      Any input is greatly appreciated.  And if you could possibly show an example if you are doing this that I could use in my pitch would be great too.





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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Jeannie,


          While I haven't seen any particular reimbursement dashboards I feel very comfortable saying that Tableau can create visualizations to support the work you are doing and save you from lots of VLOOKUPs. Tableau was fundamentally designed to be a general-purpose tool to help people see their data and can be applied in many, many situations.


          My suggestion would be to download the 14 day trial, connect to your data, and do a small proof of concept. You can get help in the trial period through your Tableau sales rep or by posting here on the forums, plus there are a wealth of training resources available online.