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    Refresh local data extract (10.3)

    Patrik Trelsmo



      I'm having trouble refreshing a local data extract - more specifically the actions for refreshing the extract are greyed out in Tableau Desktop.


      My workflow:


      1. Create a data extract and a workbook in Tableau Desktop (v. 10.3).

      2. Publish the data extract to Tableau Online, update the workbook to work with the published data source.

      3. Realize that I need to change a definition in the published data source (specifically - a set definition).

           a. Try to modify the set definition in the published data source - not possible (I can only modify a copy of the set definition...)

           b. Try to modify the local data extract and overwrite the published data source to the new version, see issue below.


      But - when I now open the local data extract (in the same or in a new workbook), I cannot refresh it to reflect the latest changes in the underlying data (in which more data necessitated the need to change the set definition). So, while I can publish the data source again, I do not have the data needed to create the new set definition.


      So, I turn to the wisdom of this community for aid:


      1. Is there a way to refresh my original (local) data extract and resume my work from there, or do I have to start over from scratch and create an entirely new data extract?

      2. Is there a way to modify a published data extract?

      3. Is there a better workflow to follow to avoid ending up in this situation in the future?



      Many thanks for any help!

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          Tushar  More

          Hi Patrik,



          Are you getting the below icon next to your data source in Tab Desktop? Please check and also, what kind of data source you are connected to. 



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            Patrik Trelsmo

            Hi Tushar,


            Thank you for the reply.

            I am not getting the same icon as you, I am getting this one:


            I am connected to a Tableau Data Extract, see this:



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              Tushar  More

              So, you are connected to extract using live connection. That is the reason the icon is grayed out. I'd suggest extract your original file (.twb/twbx) that contains the viz. Save and close the file so that it starts using the extract. Then, publish your file including extract in it.


              Let me know if you have any query.



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                Patrik Trelsmo

                I see. I thought Tableau Desktop was clever enough to let me refresh an existing extract, seems that is not the case.


                The issue with doing this: "I'd suggest extract your original file (.twb/twbx) that contains the viz." is that the original file was updated to use the published data source - so reverting to using the local extract is not possible to my knowledge.


                What I did was:

                1. Open the local data extract
                2. Instead of connecting Live to it, I "Extracted the extract" to a new TDE. This gave me the possibility to refresh the data, but created a new TDE (so at this stage I had 3; local old, local new and published)
                3. After refreshing the new extract I could update my definitions, but for all sheets using this source I had to manually update to use the new, updated source.
                4. Close the old (published) data source
                5. Re-publish the new data source and delete the old local and old published extracts.


                Perhaps step 3,4, 5 were unnecessary - I could have published my new data extract and written over the old - hoping that all the updates would propagate down to my local workbook when the data source changed online. But I didn't realize that before now so I haven't tried if that works - might just have messed up my visualizations making the change to the new TDE more tedious.


                I'll keep the question open for a day or two in case anyone has any better solutions to this problem, then I'll give you the correct answer.


                Thanks a lot for the assistance, Tushar!



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                  Tushar  More

                  Patrik, while exploring I found an excellent article on data extract. Have a look at it.

                  data extracts


                  Hope this helps.