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    Tabcmd Filter not filtering

    Brian Hanger

      Hey Tableau-ians, and thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post!


      I have read numerous articles regarding Tableau online: Tabcmd/command line syntax and the use of batch files for script execution, but I still keep getting caught up on passing URL filters/parameters. I am currently living in Sweden and as such, i believe that I will eventually need to encode my filter/parameter values in my batch file to account for special characters å,ä,ö (A job for future Brian I guess)


      That being said however, I still can't seem to get a simple case test to work i.e. to successfully pass a filter which is void of special characters. Below is an example of my batch file executable for both the "export" and the "get" function. Both of these functions produce an unfiltered png file i.e. the default view which was loaded on Tableau online.


      tabcmd Export Sams-Inkomstperfamilj-NoDetail/InkomstperFamilj?Kommun=Ale --png -f C:\Users\user1\Documents\TEST1.png

      tabcmd Get Sams-Inkomstperfamilj-NoDetail/InkomstperFamilj.png?Kommun=Ale:refresh=yes -f C:\Users\user1\Documents\TEST2.png


      Is there something super obvious here that I am just overlooking? The syntax should be:     tabcmd export "MyReport/MyDash?ParameterName=Value" --png


      - Brian

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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi Brian


          Have you tried below?


          tabcmd Export "Sams-Inkomstperfamilj-NoDetail/InkomstperFamilj?Kommun=Ale" --png -f "C:\Users\user1\Documents\TEST1.png"



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            Brian Hanger

            Hey Zhouyi Zhang,


            I will test this when i get home. Oddly enough though, I just prepared a quick test workbook with fake data (no data blending, joining or spatial files used) and only one filter named "City" and that appears to be working as intended using the same syntax as was used in my original post:


                 'Working Test File  >       tabcmd Export FILTER-TEST/CityCheck?City=Toronto --png -f C:\Users\user1\Documents\CITYTEST2.png      

                 'Not working Original  >  tabcmd Export Sams-Inkomstperfamilj-NoDetail/InkomstperFamilj?Kommun=Ale --png -f C:\Users\user1\Documents\TEST1.png


            Which leads me to believe that this may not be a syntax problem. Any thoughts?



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              Brian Hanger

              Fixed the issue, the parameter name was the same as another measure/dimension and as such, caused a compiling error resulting in no filter to be used.