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    How to update credential(passwords...) accross all tableau workbooks in Tableau Server

    n s

      I use Tableau Server with my company and my company requires that I change my password every few months. When sharing workbooks on Tableau server how can I avoid having to reset password for each individual workbook each time my password changes?


      I'm sure there has to be a way to update my credentials across all tableau workbooks I am sharing instead of having to go in to each workbook and update them individually. Any suggestions?



      I was able to find this post from 2014:

      Is it possible to update an Embedded Password in multiple workbooks simultaneously?

      Short answer is "no".


      There are a couple of approaches you could take, but none of them are probably as "auto-magic" as you'd like:


      • Don't embed passwords at all. Instead, use Tableau's Run As account to hit data sources (assuming they respect AD credentials - SQL Server, SSAS, etc). Advantage: Super-duper easy - This domain account will have to be updated anyway when your hit your expiration, but once you've done so, you're done. Disadvantage: You're giving one account access to an awful lot of data, and your biz policies may preclude same.
      • Use a limited number of Data Server Data Sources with embedded passwords and base all workbooks off these data sources.  Change PWs in the Tableau Portal
      • Write a script which uses TabCmd to: 1) Download the workbook 2) Republish with the new AD password
      • Hire a summer intern to change each data source in the portal for you


      This post provided some suggestions but not a solution. I'm hoping something has changed over the past 3 years.

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          Hey N S,


          As I understood from above statement you are using your password in all the data source and as per your company policy your password is getting expire in few days.


          Instead of using your ID create a service account in your AD server and set the password property to never expire and use the same account or add the same account in your SQL database and use the same ID at Tableau end. I believe this will be very easy to use.


          Or use SQL server named user to do the same which should have only read only password at db end.


          I believe this is one time effort which will make your like easy for long.

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