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    Can't see all columns in a Worksheet on my MacBook Pro

    Victor Clarke

      I have designed a number of Workbooks when I was at home using a MacBook Pro and a 27inch screen.


      Some of those Viz are in Cross Tab form (typical old fashioned Excel report style) and have multiple columns (say 10-12). The columns are a mix of Dimensions and Measures. I have fixed the maximum no of columns setting to 16 so the columns all appear as separate columns in the Worksheets, rather than combining.


      When I try to edit / look at those workbooks on my laptop without the 27inch screen, I can only see the number of columns that fit on the page on the laptop - there is no scroll bar to scroll across the data. When I go to presentation mode, or print the Worksheet, only those columns that can be seen on the Laptop can be seen on the presentation or the print out, even if theres lots of space to print them on the page / show on the screen in presentation mode.


      Is there any work around for this, other than waiting till I am back home in a few weeks to use these Worksheets?