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    Drawing circles with certain radius

    Sonja Mynttinen

      Hi! I would like to know is there a function for drawing circles with certain radius. For example I have map with the center points of zip code areas, where my zip code is a dimension. How can I draw circle areas around my points? I would like to find a function for this because I have 80 points and I want to draw different radius circles around them.

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          Simon Runc

          hi Sonja,


          So the answer to this is yes you can...but it's very much "not out of the box"!


          Here is a method on how...


          Re: Concentric circles


          First you'll need to get the Long/Lat for your Zipcodes (there are free ZipCode Lookup tables...just search google, usually provided by government or census websites). You'll need to do this as you can't access the "Generated" (by Tableau) Long/Lat in formulas (which we need to do here). Also as you want different radius for each point, your set up will be a little different (the above link gives blanket radius circles for each point).


          I have actually just used this method to build a catchment area analysis model...so I can verify that a) it works and b) is quite complicated!


          Hope that helps?...please post back if you have any issues adapting Richard's solution to your situation (ideally with some dummy/representative data) and I should be able to help out.