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    Grand Total remove borders

    Philipp Lidauer

      Hi guys!


      I got the following text table and I want to remove the border lines below and right to the grand total row and column. The Total or Grand Total options in the Format Borders panel have no effect whether they are under sheet, rows or columns. All other format settings are on default.


      I want to achieve the following result:

      It seems to be a rather trivial problem but I can't find any information online. Thanks for your help!


      - Philipp

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          Shawn Wallwork

          I do not believe this is possible in Tableau. Turning on the just the Row Divider for the pane will include the Totals and subtotals, even when these fields are set to none:


          If we reset the Level of the Row Divider, we get the exact opposite of what you seem to want:

          You should add this as an Idea (feature request).



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