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    Scatter Plot labels getting dropped; overlapping after fix


      While creating a Scatter Plot, if 5 points with labels - say Aa,Bbb,C,DDD,EEEeee correspond to the same X,Y coordinates, Tableau shows the Label for the 1st point – Aa and simply drops the other 4.


      Using a series of calculated fields, we were able to get all the labels corresponding the same point to show up on the Scatter Plot. The “Allow labels to overlap other marks” option had to be turned on for this scenario. However, we ran into a different issue – if 2 groups of labels with multiple points have coordinates that are close to each other, the labels step on each other.


      We are aware that Labels can be manually moved in Tableau Desktop, however, this isn’t very efficient since our data is expected to change frequently with multiple points being expected to be located to each other.


      I am unable to share a sample workbook citing confidentiality reasons but putting a mock-up image of the scenario described above.