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    Tableau Members are wrong

    rocky hill

      Hello Team,


      As we are doing some calculations and after publsihing the chart after some time the charts are becoming red in color.Saying the field does not exist in the database i have tried various things like replace references but this is not working.Again created a calculated field and replaced with the error member and for that time am able to publish the chart after some time if i check that chart cant able to see the chart in the server and also if i open the workbook then again the measures and the dimensions are becoming red in color.


      Ex : Am creating a calculated field calyear and kept in columns  am publishing the chart then  after some time if i open the chart  then i cant  able to see the same calculated field.

      The calculated field which i kept in columns is changing to clayear1 and it is showing in red color and in the data section i can able to see the calculated field calyear.

      Someone please help me to resolve the issue.



      Mainly the issue is with the calcualted fields


      Thanks in advance