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      • 510. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
        Michele Tessari

        Sorted out...the answer was at page 22 of this discussion


        Thanks again Richard for this amazing work!!!!

        • 511. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
          Richard Leeke

          I've just discovered that I haven't been receiving notifications when people post on this forum thread - looks as if the last notification I got was several months ago. So apologies to Robert Kowalski, Nikil Babuand Michele Tessari for the lack of replies. If any of those questions are still relevant, please do reply (and "ping" me to make sure I get notified).


          Incidentally, as Tableau now has native support for shapefiles I'm not intending to actively maintain my utilities any more - but I suspect there may still be cases where they let you do something that native support doesn't do, so I'll still happily help with using them (until such time as Tableau change something in a way that makes them break).

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            Robert Kowalski

            Hi Richard Leeke

            I'm glad you are still with us.
            Unless I'm unaware of something major, native shapefiles support is great "paper feature"  but in reality it is next to useless. At least for me at the moment. It relies on grouping which is absent on cubes. It also assume you have all data points which then can exist as a group. It could not solve grouping on data level problem (ie I have EU-28 country in my data and nothing more detailed - i know which countries are within EU-28 but they do not exist in datasource) therefore I have no way to select marks and group them.
            You are still our only hope
            As for my question - i've tried everything and connected to custom geo db myself to see what your tool is doing and I was unable to just extend existing built in shapes with my custom ones so I had to recreate them all.
            Once i've set alias in yml file to existing role name it failed to inject proper names into database.
            I've hit the complexity limit of tableau and spent a lot of time to optimize and import whole world again along with few additional shapes i've created to tableau and be able to display it but it worked at the end. New "custom region" functionality is unusable for me at all.
            To wrap up, please do not drop your wonderful tool!
            If extending builtin region shapes is possible, please point me in to right direction how to do it.



            Thanks a lot!



            • 513. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
              Richard Leeke

              > Unless I'm unaware of something major...


              I've just been looking at the details of what is included in the 10.2 beta and I realise I got ahead of myself - native shapefile support is planned for 10.2. I had been on the alpha for shapefile support a while back and I thought I remembered that it had been released in 10.1.


              From your comments I take it you thought I was referring to the ability to generate custom shapes by grouping existing built-in geocoding shapes. I can see that wouldn't help with what you are doing.


              So apologies for misleading you there. Hopefully the shapefile support in 10.2 lets you do what you need?


              • 514. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                Minh Nguyen

                Many thanks.

                I have the same issue now in the new laptop. I used this a lot in the past and there was not problem.


                Now,in Windows 10, i have this error. the path is correct, there are files in the folder, and I also checked to see if there is any conflict.


                Do you have any solution to fix this?

                Many thanks,


                • 516. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                  Minh Nguyen

                  it is not working - i think it is due to the security setup in the work laptop. i tried the same thing and it works fine in the home laptop.



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