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    How does Jitter work?

    Alex Martino

      How does this jitter formula work? I don't understand what it's doing. Look at sheet Y axis at 0.


      If ATTR([Speaker ID])=[Enter Speaker ID] then 7


      elseif INDEX()%2=1 then





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          Shawn Wallwork

          I have a horrible memory (so forgive me) but I think this entire concept is a Simon Runc thing. (If not, I'm sure Simon will know who's invention this was.)



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            Simon Runc

            hi Shawn,


            While a big proponent (and user) of the Jitter technique...and wish I had the smarts to have come up with it...it was, of course, Mr Joe Mako! (it was one of the first cool tricks I learned in Tableau...so takes me back to the start of my Tableau journey!)


            So the blog I first found this was this...


            I’ve Got the Jitters (and I Like it!) – Data Revelations


            This is different to Alex's post...and just uses the simpler INDEX()%25

            where 25 is the number of "jitter positions" you want...so in the attached I have circle marks "randomly" spaced over 25 potential positions.


            and then compute using the on the Level of the Viz....



            I've also attached an Excel showing what it's actually doing (using INDEX()%5)....which is just return the remainder of the calculation INDEX number/25


            Alex, let me know if anything doesn't make sense.

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