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    Related Row Look Up

    Edwin Niculaescu



      New to Tableau and have a formula question.


      I have a excel sheet that has a list of transaction details that I am using as my source. Each transaction has a unique SVC ID (shown in column one below) but has multiple rows per transaction with some data only found in a specific row.


      Below is a example of how one transaction can look:


      Svc IDSvc UnitsSvc FeesSvc PaymentsSvc RefundsSvc Misc DebitsSvc AdjustmentsPmt Transaction DescPmt Amount


      In Tableau, I am only looking at the second row, i.e. rows that have "Payment" in the "PMT Transaction Desc" column but I also need "Svc Fees" which is found in the first row.


      I cant use the LOOKUP function with a -1 offset as the "payment" row is not always #2 in order.


      So is there a way to have a calculated field that would return the service fee when greater then 0 for transactions with the same Svc ID?


      A formula that would copy the service fee from a row with blank "PMT Transcation Desc" to all other related SVC ID rows?


      I hope this question makes sense.