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    Portal look and feel - Multiple workbooks as iframes

    Karthik Venkatachalam

      We have workbooks embedded as iframe, to give a tiled view, where a user that logs in, would be able to see all different tiles (populated from different subject areas, say # of pending tickets, installation coming week, callbacks today and tomorrow etc). We have AD enabled where each workbook would know which user is logged in, and show only records/counts for that AD user.


      However when trying with real data, we run into scenario where not all users have data for all tiles/workbooks. And it doesn't look very great, with holes in the view.

      Have any of you done portal integration and encountered how to handle this scenario. It would be nice, if tiles slide by themselves to fill the blanks. We have a Portal developer, who can probably help if there is a front end approach to this problem. Or if this is a tableau solution, I can do it on my end. Please let me know.

      Thanks for your time!

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          Chris McClellan

          If you created a dashboard, it would help but not completely solve the situation - in a tiled dashboard with titles turned off on all sheets you would get a blank top row, only 4 on the middle row, but you would get 7 & 9 together on the bottom row.


          Another approach would be to create a floating dashboard with a text box containing "No data to display" (or similar message) with the real data being floated on top.  That way the users see the data or the message depending on their access.

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            Karthik Venkatachalam

            Thanks you. I tried the single dashboard multiple worksheets approach earlier, which was a little slower, Loading separately one after other seems to be faster. So we decided to keep multiple iframes. I like your second approach. Which seems to work theoretically so far, but being slightly finicky. Some times 'No Data' sheet peeks over.


            I have to test, how this would look in portal, for different browser sizes. We have users with wide array of resolutions and devices.


            It would be nicer if that sheet would only show when there is no data. Not sure if there is a sheet swapping solution to this.