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    Detailed map for offline computer

    Daniel Fenn

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to create some map-based visualizations on a computer that doesn't connect to the internet. I can use the offline map mode, but I'd like a greater level of detail. I'm using Tableau Desktop, and I don't have access to Tableau server, so any map data would have to be on my local machine itself.


      I tried building my own maps using shp files with country and state borders defined in a vector format (downloaded from naturalearthdata.com). This works OK for creating the map itself, but I don't think it's a good solution when what I really want is a map background over which my actual data can be plotted.


      Is there no way that map information can be stored locally so that I can get a greater level of zoom offline? I can't imagine the data files would be so large that downloading them would be that impractical.


      Thanks for any advice on this matter.