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    Tableau actions added to new sheets?

    Jack Watts

      Has anyone else had the problem where you create a dashboard/worksheet action to apply to a specific sheet, using one sheet as a source, the action follows through to us any new sheets added as sources?


      For example, say I have 10 sheets, create a dashboard action where sheet 10 shows and is filtered by a select from sheet 9 (source), but all values are excluded when deselected. Because these are the only two sheets that need interaction, I deselect all other sheets as sources. However, when I add a new sheet (say sheet 11) with different values, the filter has brought sheet 11 on and selected it as a source. So when selecting a value on sheet 11, everything disappears. Has this applied to anyone else, or is there some option that I have checked that I shouldn't? I've been having this problem with Tableau 10 Desktop Professional every version so far (up to date and on mac) - just recently started using actions so not sure if it was a problem in earlier Tableau versions.

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          Jamal Gota

          actions follow a hierarchy

          Dashboard actions suppress any worksheet actions.

          Make sure those actions do not overlap? or mismatch?

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            Jack Watts

            There's just one action on one worksheet. It's being used in a dashboard if that's what you mean?

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              Simon Runc

              Hi Jack,


              No it's an old issue!


              The behavior (of which we have no control) is that any new sheets that are added, also get all actions applied to them....sometimes it's useful it works this way, but at others a bit annoying! Mysteriously, as you've mentioned here, sometimes they get added as a source, sometimes not, but they always get added to the Target list of sheets.


              So if you need to add a new sheet to a dashboard the only thing to do is go through and remove that sheet from any actions (that you don't want it in)


              There is a current thread Ask us anything about dashboarding! where the Tableau Dashboarding team is reaching out to the community to get feedback and ideas...so worth mentioning it there (I image nirvana is to have a setting so you can choose...as I say sometimes its useful!)

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                Jack Watts

                Understood, much appreciated. Weirdly, I seem to be having the opposite problem, where any sheets added to the workbook (whether the sheets are in the dashboard or not) are added as sources. None of them seem to be added as targets. I've just been dealing with it by unchecking the newly 'sourced' sheets as I create them, but every now and then one gets by and I decided I may as well ask the community.


                Regardless, I'm glad to find out it's not solely me having this problem and there's no setting I can change to fix it.

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                  Simon Runc

                  While it's not always possible in the real world, I try (along with final polish formatting and tooltips)to leave the dashboard actions to the end. I had a model the other month with 25 actions, and after 10+ "are you sure this is what you want?"...with a "yes that exactly what we want"...they then wanted just one more sheet added to the dashboard!! Nooooo!!


                  Interesting that you are getting a mixture of them added as source, rather than targets. It's likely to do with what action dimensions can be passed...eg if you have a sheet with an action sending a filter of Country, say, and then you add a sheet without country in the VizLoD, Tableau (probably) won't add that sheet to that action, else it would generate it's own "Missing Dimension in Source"...but I've not done much experimentation to verify this is the case).

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                    Rob Nicholson

                    It's been a few years since this thread started! Has anyone found a solution for this? Or know of any updates planned to fix?