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    Tableau 10.2 > Make Dashboard Visible if X Condition

    Matt Mickle

      In this example I see how editing a template is possible through manipulation of Source Data (13 minutes into the video) :  http://tclive.tableau.com/Library/Video?vCode=BRK54033


      My company is attempting to transition a very complex reporting process in MS Access into Tableau.  We have used many workarounds that hide/suppress entire reports based on what I would call a 'rules' table.  This rules table is referenced in many Visual Basic Sub Procedures that essentially 'tell' the report what information to provide in the final PDF.  This could change a report from 5 pages to 10 pages depending on the 'view'.  We currently have to deal with about 7 templates in order to achieve the end results.  We are hoping to reduce this to 1 or 2 templates through changes platforms, so I'm trying to decide what method to use or if what I want to complete is even possible.  We hope to simplify the process not make it more cumbersome.


      So for example:

      If Department A has a sales and non-sales population then we would like to make a Dashboard with Sales Metrics (Dashboard 1) and Non-Sales Metrics (Dashboard 2) visible.


      However if Department A has only a Non-Sales population we would like to only make the Non-Sales Metrics (Dashboard 2) Visible...


      In the Payscale example all sheets must be hidden in order for the PDF to print to a userfriendly letter PDF format.  If I would like to do something like this 1. Is it possible? 2. If possible can I create dynamic page numbers that would also adjust based on this type of criteria.  I'm new to Tableau and I have found several examples of how to add/suppress sheet reports within a dashboard but not entire dashboards....


      The end goal is for me to write a program to manipulate the excel source data and then simply open the tableau workbook and hit print (as described in the Payscale Example. (Ideally this would be automated as well since I will have to do this 100 times... any ideas??)