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    Smart colour feature on font label (measure value) based on contrast of background colour in highlight table does not work

    SH L

      Hi all,


      I understand that Tableau has this auto-colouring feature applied for font labels (on measure value) by default in a highlight table (such as the image shown below), where Tableau decides a white font colour for darker shade backgrounds and black font colour for lighter shade backgrounds. However, I encountered a problem in a dashboard I'm using, such that when a highlight table is used, the font colour for the measure stays black throughout the table regardless of the shade of the background. Under the Labels marks card for Font, the colour was already set to Automatic. Btw I'm using Tableau 10.1.1 Desktop for this.


      I have studied similar forum threads such as Default label font colors has mind of its own  and Re: Shading and text color - Sometimes black & white, sometimes all black...?  but to no avail. I tried some suggested ways such as:

      1) Enlarging size of the cell

      2) Clicking on "Clear" in the Format pane

      3) Reducing font size

      4) I'm already using the Arial font. Switching to Tableau Book font did not work for me.

      5) I can't do an uncheck on "Allow labels to overlap other marks" under the Labels marks card as this option is not available for highlight table


      As much as I would like to, I won't be able to provide nor replicate the problem and attach it here. I'm really perplexed at this issue because by right I think it should automatically reflect the smart colours. Wonder if any folks have any idea how to make the smart colour feature return?