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    Winnipeg skill development group?

    Alison Sutherland

      Hi everybody,


      Thanks to those who started this local community. I look forward to getting to know everyone and learning as a community.


      I have worked on a team that used Tableau and have some literacy with its use-cases and possibilities. My experience comes from working on a cross-disciplinary team of PhD students working on large-scale public issues. As the social scientist, my job was to work with demographic, linguistic, and behavioral data. The technical members of our team harvested and data-visualized it using all sorts of software, including Tableau.


      I now work in the local tech community and am very interested in developing comprehensive Tableau skills. I'm primarily interested in working with civic data to show how major issues (e.g. water resource management, national heath care policies, etc.) affect local communities.


      I would love to find a couple Tableau users in Winnipeg and build a skill development group. It's been my experience that everyone learns technical skills faster face-to-face.


      I'd even be interested in taking a week of vacation time off of work to boost my skills, if anyone else is interested/available.