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    Tab cmd Export

    Ben Hoa

      Hi Experts


      I went through the KB and found option to export PDF. The command is running without errors, however PDF not getting generated



      tabcmd export "MonthlySales/BrandSalesAnalysis?.BUSINESS%%20UNIT=US"

      -s http://bi:8000 -u rr@red.com --p pas@12^ --no-certcheck --fullpdf -f "C:\Tab\US.pdf"


      Direct link url




      How to debug? how to fix this error?



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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Ben

          have you tried login first and then export?




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            Ben Hoa



            Yes. I tried login first as below


            tabcmd login -s http://bi:8000 -u rr@red.com --p pas@12^ --no-certcheck


            Tried Export

            tabcmd export "MonthlySales/BrandSalesAnalysis?.BUSINESS%%20UNIT=US"

            --fullpdf -f "C:\Tab\US.pdf"


            Not working. There is no Error message generated.


            How can I debug/fix this issue?

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              Glen Robinson

              Hi Ben

              Can you check the syntax of the line.

              tabcmd export "MonthlySales/BrandSalesAnalysis?.BUSINESS%%20UNIT=US"

              --fullpdf -f "C:\Tab\US.pdf"


              Can you confirm the field you are filtering on?

              Is it .BUSINESS UNIT

              (All in CAPS?)

              I think that case matters with the URL, so this needs to match the Field name in Tableau.

              Also, a "space" is %20 not %%20

              And is there meant to be a leading period (.)?


              I would start with testing the export without a filter and ensuring you get output then, and then add the filter and testing.

              Hope this helps