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    Slow map generation with tableau server

    Cyrille Thybert

      Hi all,


      I'm using tableau server 10.1 and I have issue with very slow maps generation for published workbook.


      Let me describe my tests :

      On the tableau server with the "Run As User" (the technical user that runs tableau services).

      First I use the tableau desktop and try to generate a map. Everything is fast and working well with a small set of data (1000 rec),

      Then when I publish this workbook and I open through the portal, the maps makes 1 or 2 min to be generated. It never fail, just long to be rendered.


      I've read many subject on the forum without real resolution, the only resolution I found is the proxy configuration. And yes my server (under azure) is on the secure environment,  so I ask to my infra team to give a more "open" proxy without authentication, and I follow this doc : Configuring Proxies for Tableau Server


      But still, the map rendering is slow ...


      I looked in the log and found some warn message log like this (5 or 6 in a row) : «  Internet communication error: Couldn't connect to server\n (maps.tableausoftware.com). ». It seem that the server is trying something and then going else where ...


      Do you have any idea on this issue ?


      Thank all,


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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Cyrille,


          The issue sounds like the map rendering on the server as you mention but one test is to publish a very simple view with a similiar map to determine if the issue relates to the data and rendering the view which can slow if a large amount of data is in the view vs there being an issue with the maps rendering slowly over the internet. 


          Have you tried the Miami and Havana tile request from the server as is mentioned in the online help?  is this an instantaneous response or does  it take time?  It should be available very quickly.  This too should help pinpoint the cause of the issue.