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    Adding totals of % : Showing Wrong Answers

    Inderpreet Kambo



      I do not have the permission to share a workbook but copying a screenshit to make it clear.

      I have two fields named

      1. Type (There are 5 types)

      2. Levels(8 levels)


      Besides these two fields, have months, Product, Names etc.

      I created the below cross table to calculate the percentage of the share in table. When we filter down using products, Months etc: Its showing the right result by calculating the numbers on the table.

      However I also need to add the row and column totals of percentages. I went to the analytical tab on Top left and added rows and columns total.

      As you can see, the result shows wrong and I have no idea, why is that so?


      Any prompt reply would be appreciated@