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    Side by side bars: How to control parameters separately

    Nano A


      I am trying to do a graphic with two percentages to compare. The first one is the recommended percentage, so I want it to be larger than the second one, which is the real percentage. Also I need to control the colour parameter for each one of them differently. For example, the large one must be coloured by ranges, while the second one must be only in one colour.


      Capture viz.PNG


      So, to control all parameters I did a duble axis visualization. But there are some information which can be superimposed, so it's not really the most optimum.

      Also, I thought about shifting the thinnest bar below the first one, like in a side by side bar graphic. But the problem is that I can't control  the size or the colour as I want.

      Is there a way to do that? Or just to shift a little bit the second bar?