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        Simon Runc

        Thanks Phil...very good to know. One more thing I did think of...as we let our dashboards re-size, we use containers and fix the width/height of certain ones, allowing the other to fill the extent of remaining space. Tiling and allowing Tableau to do all the resizing can end up with some truncated text objects, and odd aspect ratios on some charts. Although using this fixing does help a bit, it's still a compromise...one of our products is a multi-tenanted model, where some clients have 100s of products, and some just a few means that how much space we dedicate to higher-level selectors vs products...if you look at the below



        The KPI Table (Blue) *needs* to be at least a certain minimum width....on small screens, we let our dashboards go down to 1200x700, before scroll bars appear...



        The width of this container can go too small (so it's unreadable), so we Fix the width as the minimum width, so it is still readable on small screens....however on large (and especially wide) screen this fixed width is maintained, so the bar charts to the right end up with really long bars...and just looks a bit odd. So what would be really cool would be in addition to Fixed Width/Height, would be a MIN and MAX height setting (as a 20% use-case I'd be happy if this was a few clicks away). I would say that Devise Designer is helping...as we are looking to build our 1200x700 laptop viz as the Tablet, and then use the APIs to force that dashboard below a certain screen size (even if the user doesn't quite hit Tableau's tablet rule).



        Rubaiyat Khan ...thank you so much for jumping in! and in fact the screen shot I posted above is a great example of the use cases for Text objects. So you can see we have used the Text Object for the title (So we can add help-hover, parameters...etc. to the right of it (it just saves screen space, and is a natural place for them to go). The other is for worksheet titles (again for the same reason)...the parameters to the right of the worksheet titles control/affect that sheet, so having them above the actual viz they affect helps the user know what it will affect (like an elevator button being next to an elevator, means you know what it does...an elevator button not near an elevator is a mystery!!). As you can see the Filter and Parameter titles are also text objects. This is so we can have the title next to the parameter/filter (again just saved those few pixels in height), the reason for this is that Tableau does this, with the native filter/parameter titles...(however wide we make the filter/parameter)



        The final usecase, as you can see is just to add some explanatory text, such as under the Product Search free-text filter (but this is less common). If we could "tag" these elements, we'd be able to change them all in a few clicks (this model has 10 dashboards, where we'd want these elements to be consistent across all of them)


        Thanks again for engaging the community, and if you want any further detail on the above just let me know.

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          Rubaiyat Khan

          Thank you, Simon, for the detailed explanation and screenshots. We will definitely keep this use case in mind for a future improvement!

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            Corey Turner

            Hey Phil,


            Regarding the "create dashboards that behave like applications" comment...


            We do a lot of dashboards that embed images and other "home-grown" web-applications with the web page object. One thing I'd like to see improved is the sense to be more dynamic with urls / image paths. Right now we are limited to hard-coded urls / images or parameter based urls. For example, we have a dashboard that dynamically loads images, and to do this we have to send the user to http://viz_path/?parameter=value. Then in the dashboard there is a web page object where the url looks at the parameter to pull the proper path. It would be great to use data to control these urls. I get that the image/web page objects would have to be tied to a sheet then, but I'm not sure how it would look. I know more flexibility is coming with tooltips and images in tooltips.


            Another thing I'd like to see improved is the control of where and how links are opened in the browser. We use the :linktarget url parameter and it does work okay, but it would be nice to set this property for actions and other links independently and not at the workbook level.

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              Cathy Bridges

              One improvement I could think of is to have tool tips on filters that list the objects in the dashboard they affect.


              For example, if you have one chart that shows last 12 months, another that has daily trend with a date range slider, and another that shows grand total for the dates selected.


              It would be great if, when the filter is clicked, a pop-up says "Applies to" and then lists the sheets.


              I've been auditing workbooks made by others and had to just change the filters one-by-one and make a note of where the data changed to know what dashboard elements are impacted by each filter.

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                Glenn Kuly

                All of these are great suggestions.


                I'm still wrapping my head around complex Tiled layouts and, in the meantime, numbers 2, 3 6 and 7 in particular from Shawn's list would make it far easier to produce excellent Floating layouts.


                -- Glenn


                (Shawn's list:)

                1. Snap-to-grid. Including the ability to control the sizing of the grid.
                2. Allow us to select multiple objects and move them all at once.
                3. Allow us to group and ungroup floating object (not containerize them).
                4. Rulers and guidelines. Or at least horizontal/vertical center-lines.
                5. Distribute object evenly is probably too much to ask.
                6. Do NOT change any floating object’s position or size when we add extra pixels to an exact canvas size.
                7. Let us use the arrow keys to nudge an object into place (this would be much easier than switching to the Layout tab, and then using the position scroll arrows)
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                  Phil Naranjo



                  Item 1 is an interesting suggestion.  We're thinking about this issue of targeting a location in a dashboard in future feature work.  However, would you always want the action to default to the top of the target dashboard?


                  As for Item 2, my team is wrapping up work on a new feature that we hope to release in the second half of next year.  It will enable to format shading, borders, and inner/outer padding for an item in a dashboard.  For blanks, the shading controls the fill color. 




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                    Phil Naranjo

                    Thanks for the insights, Corey!  I think there's a Dev team that was thinking about a data image type as a future feature.  One issue that is putting image on a server is less robust (e.g. for offline use, latency). So this would obviate the need for URLs if your scenario allow you to revise your data.  Your point about having more flexibility in terms of URL parameters is spot on.   Also, I think providing a way to determine which web object a URL action target is something that I hear from customers.  Do you have any thoughts about this?



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                      Corey Turner

                      Phil Naranjo,


                      I love the idea of an image data type... wondering how that will affect the size and performance of extracts though... (oh well that's for the devs to figure out how to make speedy )

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                        Phil Naranjo

                        My team is discussing ideas and running experiments that target the areas that you've identified, Glenn.  We're want to craft a more intuitive authoring experience the offers pixel perfection.  IMO, that means being able to design in floating layouts with grids/guidelines that can easily be grouped and scaled in a predictable ways.  Tiled layouts are powerful but they feel like we exposing an implementation detail, if that makes sense.  ...Predictable might also mean containers that can auto-adjust their height/width to accommodate the dimensions of vizzes and other content. 




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                          Hello Phil Naranjo,


                          Thanks for the response.


                          For Item #1

                          It really depends, It would be nice to go to the location of the sheet targeted in Dashboard 2 but if we target Multiple sheets in that dashboard, Tableau wouldn't know which to choose (Probably the first one with height*width ?).  I just mentioned top because I usually use Dashboard 2 as drill down detail and would be nice to navigate to top.


                          Looking forward to updates in Item #2




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                            Phil Naranjo

                            Good one, Cathy!  If i'm understanding, I think this could be veryhelpful.  Today, you need to figure out how to use this UI:





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                              Phil Naranjo

                              Excellent insights, Simon!   Thank you!  My team would be interested in speaking with you further as we're experimenting with some layout solutions plus large screen scenarios are especially interesting to us.  Would you be amenable?




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                                Alex Blakemore

                                URL actions on dashboards would be a lot more useful if they cleared the Web component when the selection cleared, or if there was a multiple selection — as you can do with a filter action. As it is, they tend to be pretty brittle.


                                Here are a few easy wins:

                                Add option to hide worksheet titles if no marks

                                provide option for pinned maps to stay visible when no data

                                Add apply button to Edit Text dialog box on dashboards


                                Allow images to have tooltips

                                Allow tooltips to have images


                                And here is a likely more time consuming change.


                                Make it easier to have a repeating set of “mini-dashboards” on a dashboard, as in, be able to create things like Ryan Sleeper did here without massive amounts of copy and paste



                                I had a customer who wanted something much like this - would have been trivial with custom coding to put the code in a loop. With Tableau it required a lot of manual work to create a fairly brittle dashboard

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                                  Simon Runc

                                  hi Phil,

                                  Would you be amenable?

                                  ...Yes, Yes Yes!! more than happy to help in anyway I can!...my email is in my profile, or DM me on the community.


                                  I would also echo the comments on the web-object and URL actions...it would be great if there could be multiple web-objects, where we had the ability to target with Actions, and also collapse too ("Exclude All values on deselection" type behavior)...I did a Think Data Thursday a while back on a sort of workaround for this Think Data Thursday:  My Daily AdVIZture - August 25, 2016 ...in this i send a "Blank" image to the web-object from any sheet, where I'd want the web-object to blank out (used in conjunction with this Action Driven Sheet Swap trick Sheet Swap with Action Filters...the simple version! )...but it's a bit involved, and not suitable for all situations.


                                  With regards my Min/Max width/height suggestion...you have hit the nail on the head in another answer. This is really all about "Predictability"...if I can predict what Tableau will do to my sizing at different screen sizes I can build for that. This is why I love Tableau, you whittle out the "actual" problem, rather than looking at lots of potential solutions to individual problems!!...LoD calcs being the finest example of this. The actual problem is Predictability, and your mention of Grids & Floating objects sounds like a solution to this and many other related problems...My thoughts on Min/Max is how to adapt the existing framework, this is looking at it from a whole new perspective....

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                                    Corey Turner

                                    I definitely like the idea for more flexibility with titles, and text from dimensions in titles - would be so nice!

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