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    Showing only relevant values with cascading filters across multiple worksheets with different primary data sources

    Eric Ahearn

      I am having some trouble with some having Tableau only display relevant values for a second filter (of a cascade) that I am setting up across multiple worksheets and multiple dashboards, some of which use different data sources as the primary data source.  Is this a known problem?


      I am in Tableau 10 and have the two data sources related based on the two fields I am trying to filter on.  I also have selected to apply the filters across all worksheets that are using the related data sources.  For the first (a regional filter) I am displaying all values in the database, but for the second (a filter for schools), I want it to only display the relevant values.  On the first dashboard (which pulls from two worksheets that use one data source as primary), everything works as I'd expect it to and when you select certain regions, the list of available schools shrinks to only the relevant ones.  However, on the second dashboard (which pulls from worksheets that use a different primary data source), the selections from the filter on the first dashboard are reflected, but I don't have the option to tell it to only display relevant values as I did on the first.


      Is there a simple work around for this?


      Thanks so much!