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    Dynamic Image Filter Using Action URL from One Dashboard to another

    Syed Khadir Ahmed

      Hi All, Jonathan Drummey Shawn Wallwork Joe Oppelt


      I have an issue and I am unable to think of a way to do achieve this.. and this is little critical quick help is really appreciated.


      I have 2 dashboards .. Let's say Dashboard1 and Dashboard2 the Dashboard1 has a scattered plot and each mark represents a customer. The second Dashboard is a detailed view which will show all the transactions of the Customers .. and at any point of time, it shows only 1 customer details.


      What I am trying to achieve here is, The Dashboard1 has the action URL when the Business user select the mark on the Scattered Plot (DB1) it navigates to DB2 and filter the information for the selected customer... Till this point I am good but the Challange is I want to have a URL (Image) on DB2 so when the user selects a particular customer at DB1 it should navigate to the DB1 and also show that particular customer image.


      I am not able to get the Image part as I can make it work using the Dashboard action from another dashboard.


      Thank you!!