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    My participation to the first european Iron Viz

    Annabelle Rincon



      I have just posted today my modest participation to the first european iron viz. Tableau wanted us to use any data about anything European. And after some thinking, I wanted to do something about Cheese ( I am French, by the way ). But I was wondering, who can be interested about Cheese, apart French...and mice, and I remembered some years ago, when I was working late in Paris, a little mouse came in my office... et voilà !

      So my viz will be about a little mouse, who came to see me and asked for advice, where is the best place for her to move. A little cheesy? Yes, I admit it. But it is the perfect viz to share with my nieces, to have fun doing it and learn more about cheese ( I simply like them).


      Capture d’écran 2017-04-30 à 19.30.28.png

      I tried to give my viz the format of a fairy story telling, including comments, tooltips in order to drive the reader, but I also maintained some actions so he/she can search for more insights.  The most complicated part was to find complete data sources about cheeses, the population of cats (a mouse should always be informed where her best enemy lives), or animal testing, and after to add some relevant information (Cheese's pictures, production of designation of origin, date of registration, descriptions...) . I wanted to conduct a real analysis, that's why I thought about what can be interesting for a cheese eater (cheese type, quantity of cheese) and what can be an inconvenient for her (cats population, laboratory mice testing); in order it can be possible to choose the best European country based on these criteria and take the best decision where to move. ( look at my viz to know where to move if you like cheese).


      In term of design, I tried to respect a color code for the entire viz and I used some cool Tableau fonctionality or nice representation :


      - I created some maps using the spatial connector, as the regions visited by the mouse. Have a look at this post in order to know how to create a spatial connector : Tackle your Geospatial Analysis with ease in Tableau 10.2 | Tableau Public

      Capture d’écran 2017-04-30 à 19.57.42.png


      - I also had fun creating an Emmental chart, which is a simple variant of a waffle chart. (follow the excellent post of Andy Kriebel  in order to create a waffle chart Tableau Tip Tuesday: How to Create Waffle Charts )

      Capture d’écran 2017-04-30 à 20.04.52.png


      I tried to improve myself, and do better than my previous participation to the Iron Viz (Tableau Public ), and I hope some day, it will be enough to be invited to attend a Tableau conference.


      Link to my viz : Tableau Public

      If you want to learn more about story telling, have a look at Joshua Milligan 's  blog and learn from a real master VizPainter – Tableau Tips and Tricks ● Story Telling ● Beautiful Data Visualizations



      sources :

      Cheese Production : Eurostat

      Animal testing : Animals used for scientific purposes - Environment - European Commission

      Cheese designation of origin : DOOR


      Cat Population : • Cat population in Europe 2010-2014 | Statistic

      Superficie : Wikipedia