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    Force Show empty rows

    Sachidanand bommegowda

      Shawn Wallwork Jonathan Drummey 

      Hi  All / Shawn / Jonathan


      I was following your post on this link Re: Force Blanks to Show.  Thank you for the suggestions provided. I too am facing a similar problem. Going to Analysis -> Table  Layout -> Show empty rows did not do the trick for me. I am attaching the workbook. Please refer to the sheet "ShowEmptyRows - Not Working".


      Sheet 1 has this view below

      The highlighted rows do not have values in H1-2015 and H2-2016. This is perfect. Since there is no data, there is no value displayed and the cell is blank under those respective columns. But when

      The problem is when i change the view. Please refer to the screenshot below

      As we see, A350 and A353 has only 2 sub-rows whereas others have 4. So in order to fix this issue, I  went to "Analysis -> Table  Layout -> Show empty rows " hoping that it would fix the issue but it didnt. I am attaching my workbook. Kindly help me understand what might be the issue