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    Reconciling QuickBooks Online data in Tableau Desktop 10.2

    Eric Summers

      I am testing out some sample data in QBO using the built in connector from Tableau. I found variances in my sales by customer report when viewing in Tableau. I traced these back to the following issues:


      1. When looking at line_item_amount from the sales expense dtl table it seems to be missing credit memos that were issued against invoices. More specifically, the tax amount of the refund listed in the CM is where the variance lies.

      2. The other items that are causing variances are reimbursable expenses. In November under Brad Lamb I am off by 2300. In QBO I can trace this back to reimbursable expense for services performed. This is in the image attachment. I am looking for the table/measure combinations that will provide the CM tax amounts and the reimbursable expense amount items directly in a sales by customer report. Has anyone come across a similar issue with the QBO connection?

      sales receipt with reimbursable expense-Brad Lamb Nov16.PNG


      The Excel sheet contains a report from QBO for customer sales by month. The twbx is what I am trying to reconcile to this QBO report. I have added the tableau amounts (red) to the excel sheet for easier access.