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    Example: Notify view owner when someone comments on it

    Matt Coles

      An example from Notifications when comments added to workbook on server:


      Hey guys, I know as of now Tableau Server doesn't embody the functionality to send out email notifications when a new comment is added to a workbook. However, has anyone come up with a creative solution to overcome this? Possibly a way to send an notification email using another tool? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!


      See attached example workbook (requires Repository read-only access). Sends the following email to the owner of the workbook whenever someone comments on one of their views:



      Updated with a newer, nicer version. Please read the caption in the viz for important caveats / details / legal ramifications!



      Edit 2018-01-29:


      I updated the logic in ours to be a little fancier, so I thought I'd share the updated version. The advantage here is that now, when someone comments on a viz, the owner of the viz, as well as all previous commenters now receive a notification email. This makes the feature more like a "conversation", where the commenters can communicate with each other more easily. However, it does not do "@mentions".


      If a user is tired of receiving comment emails on a viz they're no longer interested in, they can comment "unsubscribe" and they'll be left off future mailings. If they want to re-engage, simply commenting again will re-subscribe them to the conversation (thus sidestepping the "can't delete comments" problem).


      Because this uses LOD expressions to grab all the previous commenters, we can only notify people of the last comment added within fifteen minutes. If multiple comments are added within the last 15, we indicate that "multiple" comments were added, without actually showing them--this way users aren't mislead into missing an important comment.


      The new version is a 10.2 workbook, so you'll need at least Tableau 10.2 to get it working. You might be able to twb-hack it down further, though.










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