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    How to make one source of blended data show all possible records

    Jared Weinstein

      Sorry, I couldn't think of a better title for this.


      I am using an SAP HANA view for actual data and an excel spreadsheet with budget data. The actual data contains way more data information (such as different regions, brands, etc) than the budget data, but the important fields have a relationship that is working.


      I am able to bring all the data needed in to a table but when I try to add the state I am running into difficulties. The primary data source (HANA View) under a specific brand has a few states where sales haven't occurred yet there is sales budget information for that state. Tableau ignores the states with no actual sales even if there is budgeted sales.


      If I try to make the budget data the primary source then I face major issues trying to bring in the actual data.


      Is there any way around this?