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    Color formatting and Default clear option in actions

    Eshwar Prasad

      Hi Team,


      I have developed the view like below.

      I have created 3 text boxes and added actions to display 3 different views down, based on the text box selection.


      Now my requirement is i need to change the color of the selected text box(now is is showing light sky blue color but i need that back group color of the text box should be any dark color when you selected.) and others should be in while color(How they are in the screen shot).


      And one more requirement is when i selected one text box and moved to other text box, the first one what u selected should cleared and only selected one should display the data.

      Now what happening is if i select and moving to next text box, both are selecting and both views are displaying down( PFB screen shot).


      MY requirement is, when i selecting next one the previous one should be clear and only view should be display at a time.